Dental crowns: what are they?

Dental crowns: what are they?

Dental crowns, an invasive but long-term treatment Dental crowns are nothing more than an alternative long-term treatment which consists of reducing the tooth (preparing it) and then covering the abutment with a custom-built structure. They can give almost perfect results but require numerous studio appointments. Dental crowns are the best solution [...]

Dental crowns, an invasive but long-term treatment

The dental crowns are nothing but a long-term alternative treatment which consists of tooth reduction (preparing it) and on to the next abutment coverage with a custom built frame.
They can give an almost perfect result but require numerous appointments in the studio.

Dental crowns are the best solution for those who:
– has extensive caries or important stains following a large filling
– is looking for the most lasting and best possible result
– is willing to undergo a long treatment and a high expense
– has lost a large part of the tooth structure and therefore cannot be treated with bonding or stripping
– wants a renewed smile also for the shape of the teeth
– has discolored teeth but does not want to undertake orthodontic treatment
– want a resistant treatment that is to last from 6 to 15 years (time related to fractures and tissue problems and caries)

Here is a list, however, of the disadvantages of this treatment:
– They require 2 visits every 4 teeth and each can last from 1 to 4 hours
– It is necessary to perform oral hygiene 3-4 times a year and one fluoride treatment per year in addition to home fluoride treatments
– If the tissues shrink, an unsightly line may appear where there is the junction between the crown and the gum
– You need to floss at least once a day
– Avoid foods that are too hard and ice

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