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The dedartrasi or cleaning of the teeth is a fundamental treatment in the prevention of dental pathologies.

The ablation of tartar it is an absolutely non-invasive dental practice that removes bacterial plaque from the tooth surface, thus preventing the gum inflammation caused by bacteria present in the plaque, which tends to settle on the teeth and in the oral cavity.

Despite an accurate home dental hygiene, constant and daily, is essential for proper prevention, it is often not enough to eliminate plaque and plaque in depth deposits of tartar that accumulate on the teeth, especially in the most hidden and difficult to reach corners with the toothbrush, such as the inner sides of the teeth or the edges of the gums.

For this reason, periodically undergoing oral hygiene sessions is very important to prevent and ward off various pathologies of the oral cavity. Here in Padua Dental Center we make use of specific professional figures, dedicating the necessary time and attention to each oral hygiene session.

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Dr. Ilaria Schiavon

Dental Hygenist

At our studio she deals with hygiene and dental prevention

Dr. Ilaria Dchiavon

Dental hygienist with thirty years of experience, Dr. Ilaria Schiavon can boast a Master dedicated to complex implant patients who, together with her studies in Sweden, have made her an integral part of the philosophy that is applied in our studio.

Dr. Soni Tessari

Dental Hygenist

At our studio she deals with hygiene and dental prevention

Dr. Soni Tessari

Dental Hygienist, Dr. Tessari with her great communication skills helps our patients to insert themselves in Periodontal Support Therapy, essential for prevention and for a dazzling smile. She also dedicates herself to our younger patients by teaching them how to maintain healthy teeth, with a lifelong education.

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