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The oral pathology visit - Padova Dental Center

Oral medicine and pathology deals with the health of the mouth in all its parts

It aims to prevent all pathologies involving the mucous membranes of the cheeks, tongue, gums, palate and lips, as well as all pathologies affecting the bone tissues beneath them.

Some examples of oral cavity pathologies can be:

  • Infectious diseases: Fungal (Candida), Viral (Herpes simplex, Papilloma virus), Bacterial (Syphilis)
  • Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disorders (Aphthae, Oral Lichen Planus, Pemphigus, Pemphigoid)
  • Salivary gland disorders (salivary gland inflammation and infection, Sjogren's syndrome)
  • Pathological and non-pathological clinical pictures that can however manifest themselves with annoying symptoms for the patient (Burning mouth syndrome, fissured tongue, geographic tongue, hairy tongue)
  • Carcinoma of the oral cavity

Diagnostic investigations are performed including:

  • biopsies
  • cytological
  • tampons

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Your medical specialist

Dr. Ludovica Pampaloni

Dentist Specialist in odontostomatological surgery

At our studio he deals with surgery and oral pathology

Dr. Ludovica Pampaloni

Dentist specialist in odontostomatological surgery and contract lecturer at the University of Padua, Dr. Pampaloni focuses her activity on surgery and diagnostics of oral diseases. He has been collaborating with Padova Dental Center for several years, dealing with oral surgery, periodontology, conservative dentistry and medicine and pathology of the oral cavity.

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