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Fluoride prophylaxis - Padova Dental Center

Topical or systemic fluoroprophylaxis is aimed at preventing the formation of caries in both adults and children.The World Health Organization (WHO) lists fluoride as the main one weapon against tooth decay.

In our dental office we make topical fluoroprophylaxis treatments, through the application of specific fluoride-based products on the teeth, with the aim of remineralize the enamel, slow down the formation of bacterial plaque and provide effective protection from acid aggression.

Topical fluoride prophylaxis has a higher efficacy than systemic and can be both home-based, through the use of fluoridated toothpastes, and professional, with specific treatments by the professional in the office.

Contact Padova Dental Center to find out more and have all the information and recommendations regarding the use of fluoride in both adults and children, following the latest guidelines of the World Health Organization! Prevention is the most important weapon for our oral health!

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Dr. Ilaria Schiavon

Dental Hygenist

At our studio she deals with hygiene and dental prevention

Dr. Ilaria Dchiavon

Dental hygienist with thirty years of experience, Dr. Ilaria Schiavon can boast a Master dedicated to complex implant patients who, together with her studies in Sweden, have made her an integral part of the philosophy that is applied in our studio.

Dr. Soni Tessari

Dental Hygenist

At our studio she deals with hygiene and dental prevention

Dr. Soni Tessari

Dental Hygienist, Dr. Tessari with her great communication skills helps our patients to insert themselves in Periodontal Support Therapy, essential for prevention and for a dazzling smile. She also dedicates herself to our younger patients by teaching them how to maintain healthy teeth, with a lifelong education.

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