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Monile prosthesis - Padua Dental Center

The removable prosthesis is a quick, often non-surgical and economically more sustainable solutionQuesti sono i principali vantaggi per adottare una soluzione di tipo mobile in caso di necessità di una protesi dentaria.

In case of total edentulism, the procedure is usually used full denture, la classica dentiera. che si modella sulle gengive e sul palato del paziente. In alternativa si può optare per una soluzione anchored on implants, soluzione più stabile rispetto alla precedente, ma che può essere facilmente rimossa per una pulizia accurata.

Se invece la perdita dei denti non è totale si ricorre solitamente a combined devices che sfruttano elementi fissi per ancorare le parti mobili. Parliamo degli scheletrati, cioè delle protesi parziali che vengono agganciate con attacchi di precisione ai denti ancora stabili.

Here at Padua Dental Center we make use of highly specialized professionals in the field of dental prostheses che vi indirizzeranno verso la soluzione più adatta a voi.

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Dr. Ian Paul Cardarelli

Dentist surgeon

At our clinic he deals with periodontology and implantology

Dr. Ian Cardarelli

Doctor and Dentist he has been working in Padua for 30 years, continuing a family tradition that was born with his father Giovanni, Doctor in Canada in the early 1950s. He focuses in particular on Implantology and Periodontology, the starting point for success in complex rehabilitation. Lecturer, researcher, well known for his dedication to spreading the Swedish philosophy of the University of Gothenburg.

Dr. Francesco Carli


At our studio he deals with endodontics, conservatives and prostheses

Dr. Francesco Carli

Dr. Francesco Carli has been part of our studio for several years. He is particularly dedicated to endodontics, which he taught for several years as a contract professor at the University of Padua. In his curriculum he distinguished several humanitarian missions in various parts of the world.

Dr. Paola Vellardi


At our studio he deals with dental prostheses, aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Paola Vellardi

Dentist dedicates himself to prosthetic preparation in the digital field with the CEREC technique. His strong aesthetic sense is also applied in medical aesthetics, a branch for which more and more patients seek solutions with their dentist.

Dr. Anna Grigoletto

Dentist specialized in odontostomatological surgery

At our studio he deals with conservative dentistry, periodontology, oral surgery, prosthetics

Dr. grigoletto

Dentist specialist in odontostomatology surgery, Dr. Grigoletto collaborates with Padova Dental Center putting her professionalism at the service of our patients. In continuous training to stay up to date on the latest treatment techniques, Dr. Grigoletto focuses her activity with particular attention to oral surgery, periodontology and prostheses.

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