Root Canal Treatment


Also known as "devitalization" it allows to preserve the tooth in case of damage to the dental pulp. There are several factors that can lead to the need for one devitalization; in the most common cases it is usually trauma, inflammation or tooth decay.

The tooth is hit deeply by abacterial infection and instead of removing it, we proceed to the root canal therapy, which allows you to deeply clean the infection by removing the damaged pulp from the canals present within the dental root. The number of these canals varies according to the treated tooth, from one for incisors, canines or premolars, up to three or more in the case of molars.

The treated area is finally sealed with the filling material, so as to prevent the onset of a new infection. The devitalized tooth is more "fragile" than the others, but if the treatment has been done properly, its "duration" is comparable to that of the other dental elements.

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Dr. Francesco Carli


At our studio he deals with endodontics, conservatives and prostheses

Dr. Francesco Carli

Dr. Francesco Carli has been part of our studio for several years. He is particularly dedicated to endodontics, which he taught for several years as a contract professor at the University of Padua. In his curriculum he distinguished several humanitarian missions in various parts of the world.

Dr. Anna Grigoletto

Dentist specialized in odontostomatological surgery

At our studio he deals with conservative dentistry, periodontology, oral surgery, prosthetics

Dr. grigoletto

Dentist specialist in odontostomatology surgery, Dr. Grigoletto collaborates with Padova Dental Center putting her professionalism at the service of our patients. In continuous training to stay up to date on the latest treatment techniques, Dr. Grigoletto focuses her activity with particular attention to oral surgery, periodontology and prostheses.

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